The Compact Remnants Astrophysics Group, Grupo ARCo by its acronym in spanish, is an astrophysics research group that works at the Astronomical and Geophysical Sciences Faculty of the National University of La Plata, Argentina.

ARCo arises as a continuation of the project of Dr. Héctor “Pipi” Vucetich, who in 1997 started the Gravitation, Astrophysics and Cosmology Group, which had two research: cosmology and compact remnants astrophysics. At ARCo, dedicated to this last line, we have actively carried out our research work on different topics related to neutron stars for more than ten years. The group’s interests range from the structure of neutron and hybrid stars and their evolution, hypothetical compact objects such as quark stars, to gravitational waves, effective models of QCD and nuclear physics, and dark matter.

Our research is mainly theoretical, performing semi-analytic calculations and developing and adapting numerical codes. The objective is to obtain results comparable with the latest astrophysical observations, in this new era of multi-messenger astronomy with gravitational waves, and to seek a better understanding of the dense matter that makes up these objects.